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Clewiston Sugar Dolls Baton and Dance

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In 1935, Chicago became known as the home of baton twirling when the first baton twirling contest was held as part of the Chicagoland Music Festival.

Lynne V. Cheney, the wife of Vice President Dick Cheney, was the 1958 Wyoming State Baton Twirling Champion.

Some other well-known people who twirled in the past were Debbie Reynolds, Sissy Spacek, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg, and singer Sheryl Crow.

World Records:
10 Turn - Donald Garcia (men's)
8 Turn - Danielle Novakowski (women's)


Dear Heavenly Father,
watching over us all,
please help me not to stumble,
and please don't let me fall.
Help me keep my smile,
and when my tension mounts,
please Dear Lord,
don't let me lose the counts.
Help me hold my head up,
and look into the sky,
and when my legs grow weary,
help me keep my knees up high.
And when my memory grows weak,
on you I'll have to lean.
Please Dear Lord,
don't let me forget the routine.
I know that I can do it,
for you're my only prop.
But just one more thing I ask,
Lord, please don't let me drop.


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Director: Judy Anderson
Coaches: Tara Miller, Sheri Curry, and Cynthia Rogers.